Community of hackers helping to secure all things technology.

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Welcome to Hackerspub.com

We are building the largest community of hackers to help secure all things technology. As a community, we will identify and share vulnabilities in heavily used/relied upon systems and applications, we will share patches/resolutions to the vulnabilities if and when we figure them out. It’s every organizations’ responsibility to keep their systems and platforms safe for their users and clients.

There’s no such a thing as a bullet proof system and no one individual or organization knows all their weakneses and how to resolve them. It takes a community, this community to bring out the best in us from all over the world.

If you want to contribute to this universal good cause, reach out with your contributions by emailing us: h4ck3rspub@gmail.com

In the email include:

###You can also email us or submit pull requests (https://github.com/hackerspub) to add to/edit any of the following topics (about tools or scripts you use or have built/writen, best practices, how to use the tool(s) include links/details to the free or paid tools, etc):

…And definitely reach out of you want to help with the administrative staff: improving this site, creating and restructing repositories to for the community to contribute to, building out the platform for community submissions and engagement to identify, resolve and publish vulnabilities. If you have any experience with organizing local chapters for meetups, conferences, workshops, OR JUST GETTING BUILDERS AND BREAKERS TOGETHER FOR DRINKS AND HACKING IN THE SPIRIT OF SHARING, definitely reach out!